The free Tee; an epiphany. Use this brilliant marketing idea to make your business sore in days!

You know how cool is it when you get a free T-shirt from a company. Whether it’s a new company that you don’t know anything about or whether it’s one of your favorite t-shirt, either way IT’S THE BEST GIFT EVER!!

But when it comes to selling your business or increasing the popularity giving a free shirt is a good way to go about it. Imagine people wearing shirts with your companies name on it and then the shirt goes from one person to another and that’s how the popularity increases. If you are wearing a shirt with your new companies name, the people you meet will look at it and ask about it and that leads to people knowing about your business and getting interested in it. How easy is that? Once you start wearing it then your friends would want to wear it as well to give your business more popularity and then you can start a social trend by using hash tags next to people uploading a picture wearing the shirt that has your business’s logo on it or the name. This leads to a trend and everyone nowadays follows the social trend.

If you are going away for a trip whether it’s a business trip or a private trip with family, you should have your shirts with you. This way you can give it away for free to people outside your country and that will make more and more people to get to know about your business. A famous business man sujan patel used shirts to gain more clients because he would give the shirts to people and that would lead to conversations and eventually more clients for his business and thus more sales. So you want more sales I suggest you start making shirts. People love shirts and people wear them all the time and that will lead to a new social trend and who doesn’t like a social trend that has their business’s name on it and everyone talks about it.

For instance im wearing a shirt that says ‘orange is the best drink’. Now that’s a very unclear statement and it could mean a lot of things. So once people who know me start looking at it will come up to me and start asking about what it means or what it represents and I will explain it to them. This will lead to people knowing about my new business of selling a drink that’s orange and thus more sales. Get it? So simple! And so Easy! But you need to keep this in mind. Just because you want people to know about your businesses name does not mean that the shirt that you are giving them are of a bad quality. It has to be of a good quality so when people wear it they actually like it. Get a nice designer to design your shirts so they can be attractive enough for people to actually look at them!

If you read the things I wrote and follow them properly BELIVE ME, the name of your business will be on everyone’s name in no time. Shirts are practical and they are nice looking so it’s the best way to promote your business especially if it’s a new start up business. And if you do follow this, then give me one or two shirt as well! #shirtsalltheway


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