The change you must make in your website to succeed in 2016!

Web designing has become a big huge industry now. There have been different changes in websites that you all have seen throughout 2015 and its increasing and soon by the end of 2016 there will be a whole new way of designing websites. Let’s see what you will be expecting soon!

One is natural stock photography that is basically only have images on websites. Research shows that mostly more than 80% of the information that the brain process is through visual. And now websites have started having photos that are natural and that connect the audience emotionally. The more emotionally they are attached the more they are going to check the website.

Another is micro- interactions which is basically an interaction between the web and the person. Usually websites that are about banks or health care etc can be extremely boring because you have to read through so much but imagine websites that have emoticons and different expressions and comments something nice everything you press a button or select something! How fun would that be? Imagine this on every website you open.

Bold colors are also something that you will be seeing in this new year. Colour can change the way a person thinks or feel. Bold colors are powerful and strong and they can have a strong impact on a person. We have seen some amazing redesigns in the startup ecosystem including Airbnb, Uber, Medium and Spotify, just to name a few. In 2016, we’ll see a continuous growth of the bold color trend.


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